Product Certification
Electronic Bidetdongbaobidet
BD-5300 Bidet


1.Men and women share 9.E-automatic operation
2.Women-only 10.Device pumps
3. Massage rinse 11. Automatic washing nozzles
4.Warm air dryer 12.Device filter
5.Hydraulic adjustable 13.Spray washing
6.Adjustable water temperature 14.Movable nozzles
7.Seat heating 15. Before and after the position of adjustable nozzles
8.Adjustable seat temperature


Model Specifications: 

Model BD-5300
Rated voltag 220V/50HZ
Power 850W
Power cord 2m
Water Pressure 0.75-7.5kgf/c㎡
Product Dimensions D580×W530×H195
Weight 6.3㎏